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Friday, December 23, 2005

My 2-Days before Christmas Shopping Adventure

I Got My Shop On

Ok so I waited until Friday to go Christmas shopping; it's okay go ahead and call me stupid. I'm not quite done with the shopping yet I have to go to Lowe's tomorrow for my dad hopefully it won't be too crazy there. Anyways there were a few things that i found quite annoying while I was shopping then again I hate shopping so maybe thats why I just found pretty much everything obnoxious today.

  • I was at circuit city today and was looking at DVD's and there were some on the floor so me being somewhat tall I had to kneel down to see them. As I am kneeling down, and ready to stand up I feel a rather close presence to me and yes you guessed it (that is if you were guessing) I looked up and some moron lady was literally standing on top of me (if I stood straight up I woulda nailed her). That really ticked me off so I pretty much crawled out from under her, turned looked at her she looked at me and I was tempted to call her stupid or something like that instead I just gave her the "your an absolute idiot" face, shook my head and went about my business
  • Is it just me or is it EXTREMLY annoying when your flipping through cd's and somebody reaches right across you without even saying excuse me. It just gets to me when people I don't know decided to stand a foot away from me when there is a thousand feet in the store. If I am in your way and you want to look at something tell me I will be more than happy to move.That's just rude, and rude is annoying.
  • It amazes me everytime I'm in a grocery store, Wally World etc and the aisle is already flooded with people yet there is always that one lady talking on her cell phone with a cart and 3 kids that trys to go down that aisle getting in everybody's way and its quite obvious that there is zero room for her; so why not go down a different aisle and come back later instead of pushing your way through everybody? Just a thought.
  • Here's a tip: This mostly applies to 60 year old ladies or a group of moms w/ strollers, but when your at the mall don't walk at a very annoying slow pace 4 or 6 wide taking up the entire length of the mall! Because that ticks people like me who actually want to get our shopping done in a decent amount of time. It only slows us down. Also if your at the store with a cart don't walk down the middle of the aisle going WAY TOO slow because there are people behind you.
  • I ran into Preece today at the City. It was random just like this comment.

Football Update

SO it's not looking like I'm gonna be going undefeated in my bowl predictions, but I am 2-2 thus far. My 2 losses were really really bad losses, but its all good because there are still a ton of meaningless bowl games to go. I am however optimistic that I can and will finish with a pretty decent record.

This post may make it appear as if I am in a non-Christmas spirit, but don't get that impression because I really am. I just can't stand shopping. I'm pumped about Christmas this year not because of the presents (I passed that stage many years ago), but because I get to go to church on Christmas morning! I know I got to do it when I was 10, but I'll admit I was more concerned about the toys I was gonna be getting. Let me say again I'm really pumped about that. How awesome would it be if every year on Christmas day there were morning services. Honestly I think that would be really cool if churches started doing that because it would make Christmas what its really supposed to be about, and it would get that day off to a perfect and meaningful start. Does anybody have any thoughts on that? I just read over this and I wrote Christmas a thousand times sorry I was so repetitive.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Time Is Here!

For all of ya'll who have yet to get me a christmas present or have special powers and have the ability to make my wishes come true here are some things you can start thinking about.

The List
  1. That all disrespectful people would be kicked in the face
  2. All the country would stop talking about USC, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart. Yes they are good, but people are tired of hearing about them. Everytime I turn on espn, foxsports etc. Carrol, Leinart, of Bush is being talked about. It gets old.
  3. People would stop slamming their brakes on the on ramp to New Circle Road. It's a Yield sign not a stop sign!
  4. Somehow get rid of all the crappy music that is out there.
  5. A ps3 would be nice.....since its not out you can just give me the dough and I'll pay for it when it comes out.
  6. A Bigger truck. The Sonoma is nice, but it's a little too small. As long as it's not a Ford I don't care what it is.
  7. For my Titans to stop sucking
  8. It would be nice if people would stop talking about the Zags. In the words of Wes "They play in the butt crack conference of America." They really aren't that good.
  9. Maybe some can stop throwing entire rolls of toilet paper in the toilets....sory its a janitor thing. lol
  10. It would be nice if everyone would stop saying Happy Holidays

So here is my prediction of the day...I usually have one everyday. The Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl! You heard it here first.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


It is without a doubt one of my favorite seasons of the year not its not winter, not summer, not quite autumn, sorry not spring either....yup the best season of all BOWL SEASON. It's nice to know that for about 15 days in a row there is nothing but college football on tv. MLB playoff time is about the only thing that compares to it. I was looking through espn and at some of their bowl predictions and realized how ridiculous some of them were so I made my own, and after the bowl season is over you can say "Wow Brett knew what he was talking about.
So here we go...

New Orleans Bowl
So. Miss vs Arkansas St.- Southern Miss. I thought about going with the Indians because of RB Antonio Warren, but I thought better of it. So. Miss simply has more experience on every side of the ball. They win in a close one.

UTEP vs Toledo. - UTEP. This should actually be a fun game to watch. Both have explosive offenses as both are ranked 17th and 18th in NCAA. . This is a very good UTEP team who I've seen on several times on CSTV this season. Jordan Palmer (carsons bro.) I think he is the difference in this game.

San Diego Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl (you've got to be kidding me)
Col. St vs Navy- Colorado State- The Rams stuff the option, and win easily.

Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas Bowl. (seriously what that crap kinda bowl game is this?)
California vs BYU. - Califor-ni-a. Honestly I know nothing abotu either of these teams so I flipped a coin....not really. WAC vs PAC-10. so I chose the better of the crappy conferences to win.

Fort Worth Bowl
Kansas vs Houston- Houston- This is pretty muc ha home game for Houston. Kansas has a not so good offense (rnk 106) although their 19th ranked defense should keep them in the game. However Houston just has too many weapons on offense KU won't be able to keep up.

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Nevada vs UCF- UCF- All I got to say is that they went from 0-11 to 8-4 in a matter of one year. Why should they stop losing now? UCF wins to finish off a stunning season.

Motor City
Memphis vs Akron- Memphis- THis one won't even be close. DeAngelo Williams will run all over the Zips. Williams runs for 120 +. You can say I told you so. Actually you probably won't even be watching this one.

Champs Sports
Clemson vs Colorado- Clemson- All I got to say about this one is that Clemson has been outscored 100-6 in their last 2 games; combine that with no real head coach and you get another number in the "L" column. The misery will continue.

Insight Bowl
Arizona St. vs Rutgers- Az. State.- Rutgers keeps this surprisingly close.

MPC Computers Bowl
Boise St. vs Boston College.- Boise St- Yet another home bowl game. They wear their all blue unis blend in with the field and the DB's can't see them. Boise St. goes pass crazy as usual

Master card Alamo Bowl
Michigan vs Nebraska- Michigan- Honestly I expected Mishigan to better than this. Nebraska is starting to turn things around, but this time they get beat. Michigan wins an easy one.

Emerald Nuts Bowl
G. Tech vs Utah- Ga. Tech.- This is an outstanding 4 loss team. This will be their first game back after a really tough loss to UGA. I really don't even see this one being close.

Holiday Bowl
Oklahoma vs Oregon-Oregon- The Holiday Bowl has had some classics in the past...I'm thinking this one will be a good one as well and it won't dissapoint.

Music City Bowl
Minnesota vs Virginia- Virginia- What is this? No SEC team in the Music City Bowl?

Vitalis Sun
Northwestern vs UCLA- N'Western- UCLA would have 6 or 7 wins at most if they played in a real conference. The boys from chicago throw all over them.

Independence Bowl
South Carolina vs Missouri- Missouri- Good season by the Old Ball Coach ends on a sour note.

Peach Bowl
Miami vs LSU- LSU-This is a gonna be a heck of a game, and I am pumped about it. Everybody and their mom is pickin miami in this one....thats why I'm pickin LSU. That game they played against UGA was a fluke. They return to glory and represent the SEC well.

Meineke Car Care Bowl
S. Florida vs N.C.State- NC State- S. Florida need I say more? The wolfpack wins in a blow out.

AutoZone Liberty bowl
Tulsa vs Fresno State- Fresno State- The coach with the funny mustache leads his team to victory over a much less talented Tulsa team. This one won't be close. Honestly its not even worth watching...BORING Bowl
TCU vs Iowa State- TCU- Don't knwo much abotu these teams, so I'm goin with the gut feeling. the Horned Frogs looked good in the one game I saw them play.

Cotton Bowl
Texas Tech vs Alabam- Tech- Oh man this is gonna be a good one and I am pumped. Talking about polar opposites when it comes to football teams. I really want to pick bama in this one but something is telling me to go with Leach and his Red you guessed it... I picked the Red Raiders. Bama just can't put up as many points.

Outback Bowl
Iowa vs Florida- Iowa- Yes I'm going with the Big X. Iowa wins in a really close one. This is gonna be a good one.

Gator Bowl
Lousiville vs Virgina Tech-V. Tech- What is a Hokie? Does anybody know? if so please tell me.

Capital One
Wisconsin vs Auburn- Auburn- This is gonna be a hard fought game for both teams. Auburn wins. Kenny Irons is too much as he runs for 130+. thats right...he runs for over 130.

Fiesta Bowl
Notre Dame vs Ohio State- Notre Dame- This is gonna be a good one. oh my goodness.

Sugar Bowl
West Virgina vs UGA- The Big East doesnt even deserve a BCS bowl bid anymore. S. Florida almost won the conference for crying out loud.

Orange Bowl
Penn State vs Florida State- Penn State. Joe Pa continues to work his magic.

Rose Bowl
USC vs Texas- USC wins their 2nd straight. Notice I did not say third. LSU won it in 2002.

I'm really surprised you read all that.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I got one word for you.....

I finished my last final today at 115 and couldn't be more pumped! I already have one of my grades back I got a B in my COM 181 class, but I'm really not looking forward to getting my final grades back in my astronomy class or my economics class; I'd be happy with a C in either of those classes. I guess its now time to get ready for WKU.

Colts Finish 15-1
.......There has been a lot of talk recently about the Colts becoming the first team since the '72 Dolphins to go undefeated...SOrry folks it ain't happenning. They play the Seahawks next week
Seahawks 31 Colt-28 You heard it here first.

......Dustin and I are buying the Braves because they are up for sale. We have already talked and we have a few hundred saved up already. I know we might be short a little bit but i firmly believe that GOd wants us to be a part of this Organization in some way.

Wes had a post the other day on wenesday about weather man Bill Meck and the outstanding job that he does at predicting snow fall accumulation....well I was watching the weather channel today mainly because nothing else was on, and they were talking about wind chills, and I couldnt help but start thinking to myself. They say its 15 degrees outside but there is a wind chill of 6. If it feels like 6 why don't they just say its 6 degrees? Wouldn't that make everything easier!

Texans Cont...

My last post was about the Texans and whether they should pursure Reggie Bush in the draft. I figured I would continue on with the Texans theme this wekk. I read on Monday that they hired Dan Reeves (former Falcons coach who got murdered in the '98 Super Bowl by the Broncos) as a consultant. Seriously now, what is there that he can tell them that they don't already know? They are 1-12 for crying out loud. They know they suck, they have no offensive line, no defense at all, their kicking game is horrible, their coaching is horrible, their quarterback breaks his own NFL record every year for times sacked in a season. Basically they are paying him a million dollars to tell them what is starring them right in the face. Stupid move in my opinion. However they could just be letting him get his foot into the organization so they can make him head coach next season, then again there are rumors out Pete Carroll being intereseted. I hihgly doubt their current coach will be there next season.

Cats vs Cards
- Its not looking good for the Wildcats this week; there are too many egos problems on this team, 21 feet of centers that can't rebound, bad coaching, I just don't see a whole lot of team chemistry out there all I see are a bunch of individuals and until all this gets straightened out there will be many losses. my prediction you ask? UL-74 Cats-58. The line is Cards by 12 I think we will be lucky to make it that close.

Have splendid Friday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

THe First Post

Alright so I've finally given in to this new blogging sensation that has been taking over the nation and it seems like everybody and their sisters' dog has one so I figure I would give it a we'll see what happens with the whole thing

DA TEXANS & Reggie Bush
Since me signing up for this whole blog thing was quite random I figured hey why not start out with a random topic for the first post so I thought I might just start out talking about something completly I'll start out with a topic about one of the worst teams in the NFL if not the worst. Should Reggie Bush be drafted by the Houston Texans? This was heavily discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowher on ESPN Radio
Right now the Texans stand at 1-12, and its pretty much all but certain that they will have the number one overall draft pick in the upcoming draft, and deservingly so Mr. Reggie Bush is being thought of as what will be the first over all pick. Im not the least bit a USC fan but he's probably one of the best all-around college football players we will ever see. If you are told to make their pick would you take Bush? I mean after all they already have one of the better backs in the league in Domanick Davis (who by the way ran for 130 + this past week I believe. correct me if I'm wrong).

-So is there really room for Bush in the backfield with Davis?
-Do you draft him and then trade him for some good "D" players O-Lineman and maybe some draft picks?
-Or is he one of those players where if he's availabe go get him and decide where to put him later?

I mean look at the Yankees I know its a different sport but they already had Jeter they went after A-Rod moved him to third and they are now looking at Garciaparra and will put him at first. Is that a good move to make? I say draft him and trade him for some defense which they are in much need for.

My Blog
As you know I am new at this so hopefully it will get better with time...I really don't know what kind of structure I will have for this with that I mean sheduled topics for certain days. But if you have any ideas on how to make it better let me know!